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October 2012 Archives

Veterans' misunderstandings lead to deportations

If you thought that you had to be an American citizen to be in the armed forces, you would be wrong. If you thought that being in the armed forces would give you a leg up when it comes to naturalizing as a citizen, you would be wrong. And, if you thought that being a veteran could help protect someone from being deported, you are only partially wrong.

Immigration identification card could protect rights

Though this story doesn't come from Pennsylvania, a proposed city ordinance could provide an interesting approach to immigration in Lancaster County. The mayor of Los Angeles has announced that he would like to implement a city-wide identification card program that would give immigrants an official ID and, could give them access to a private bank account. If the city passes the ordinance, it would follow in the footsteps of several other cities that have already implemented similar programs.

Federal grant encourages naturalization in Philadelphia

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department has recently awarded a Citizenship and Integration grant to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Pennsylvania to help promote naturalization. Philadelphia has long been home to a considerable number of immigrants and has recently been called a "re-emerging gateway" for immigrants. In addition, Philadelphia has the 11th highest number of green card holders who could, but have not yet, applied for naturalization.