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January 2013 Archives

Obama pushes Congress to deal with immigration reform

Last week we talked about the role immigration reform played in President Obama's inauguration speech. Now, President Obama is already advocating for immigration reform and is somewhat forceful in his message to Congress: start working on immigration issues. This could mean major changes for those people in Lancaster who are searching for a path to citizenship.

Immigration takes center stage in Obama's inauguration speech

Earlier this week marked President Obama's second term in office and his inauguration speech seemed to lay out what he wanted to focus on in his next four years. What may have caught many people in Reading's attention is that Obama talked about immigration. It is clear that Obama has wanted to change immigration law in the United States, especially after his executive orders granting deferred deportation and temporary resident status to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, but it is expected that one of the major initiatives that the president will tackle will be a comprehensive immigration reform.

Lawyers, paralegals allegedly falsified asylum claims

Not everyone in Lancaster County had the luxury of immigrating through the normal family-based or employment-based systems. For some people, they left their families, friends and lives in a desperate attempt to get to safety. Whether they were prosecuted because of religion, race, ethnic identity, political beliefs or membership to some other kind of social group, people seeking asylum in Pennsylvania are doing so as a last resort. If they could, they would not have left their home countries.

Immigration numbers reveal increase in enforcement

Immigrants to Lancaster know just how serious a deportation order can be -- it can mean years away from family and friends. While many within the immigration field may believe that immigration reforms are coming, the amount of money that is currently spent on immigration enforcement is overwhelming. In 2012 alone, the U.S. spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement, more than it spent on all other law enforcement combined. Twenty-four percent more.

Family-based immigration eased for undocumented immigrants

This blog has previously talked about President Obama's new initiative that potentially creates a pathway to legal residency and the effect it has had on Pennsylvania residents. Now, President Obama has issued another immigration reform that will help U.S. citizens and their undocumented spouses stay together longer. This new aspect of family-based immigration is set to go into effect in March.