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March 2013 Archives

Could the Supreme Court make it easier for couples to immigrate?

Although Pennsylvania does not currently recognize same-sex marriage, it is extremely likely that there are same-sex couples who have traveled to other states to get married and have returned home to Pennsylvania. Though these marriages are not recognized by either the state or federal governments, there is the possibility that an upcoming Supreme Court decision could change at least the federal recognition. And this could have immigration consequences for binational same-sex couples in Pennsylvania.

Immigrants come together on family-based immigrant visas

For years the Obama administration has been talking about immigration reform and now that it is potentially around the corner, a considerable number of diverse immigrant groups are coming together to protest plans to slash the number of immigrant visas for family members. Joining the voices of Democrats and other immigration advocates, these immigrant groups are arguing that it is extremely important to maintain, if not increase, the number of family-based immigrant visas available.

Are immigration authorities adding domestic violence to asylum?

If someone were to enter Reading in an attempt to flee persecution or abuse, should the government allow him or her to stay? If the immigrant is able to show that he or she has been persecuted or fears persecution because of his or her race, religious beliefs, membership in a social group, nationality or political opinion, he or she may receive asylum. Unfortunately, if he or she has faced persecution, but for some other reason, he or she cannot remain in the country.

Pennsylvania's immigrants account for large growth of homeownership

One of the things that many people in Lancaster County may not think about when immigrants move to the community is where those immigrants will live. Yes, there may be neighborhoods and towns that have higher populations of employment-based immigrants, but do they live in apartments, houses or both? Do they rent their homes or do they own them? A recent study has found that immigrants are a major section of homeowners in Pennsylvania.