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April 2013 Archives

The difference between asylum and citizenship

The immigration system in the United States is full of holes, inconsistencies and unnecessary complications, which is all the more reason that anyone hoping to become a permanent resident or citizen should consult an immigration lawyer. Trying to figure everything out without an attorney is not only difficult, but consequences that come with making a mistake can be quite serious.

Can children be expected to defend themselves against deportation?

It may seem farcical to many people in Reading to have a child defending him- or herself in a deportation proceeding, but the sad reality is that there are a large number of children each year who are being detained by federal agents and left to represent themselves as they seek asylum. It is heartbreaking to think that there are children as young as two who are futilely tasked with finding evidence that supports an asylum case; if they fail, they could be sent back to a country that is rife with violence.

Mark Zuckerberg and others take a stand on immigration

When we talked about the problems immigration law was causing for young, hard-working entrepreneurs in February, we mentioned that other countries were stepping in to take the highly-skilled and innovative immigrants that were denied permanent residency in the U.S. It was more than just the media, however, that took note of the fact that many bright immigrants are denied employment-based visas. Now, Mark Zuckerberg and several other business owners are taking a stand on immigration.

Data on immigrant detention raises specter of torture

For years there have been domestic and international complaints about the way in which the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement department handles immigrant detainees. There have likely been groups within Lancaster and across Pennsylvania who have tried to draw attention to the conditions facing immigrants who are picked up by police and turned over to ICE agents. New information has emerged, however, that will frighten readers all over again.