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May 2013 Archives

Will immigration reform leave out same-sex couples?

Although Reading residents may know about the widespread immigration reform that is being discussed in Congress, they may not realize why same-sex couples are desperately pushing for a voice at the table. It is true that many states are recognizing same-sex relationships, either through marriage, civil unions or some kind of domestic partnership, but that doesn't mean that the federal government does. And, until it does, same-sex couples cannot use the same family based immigration system that anyone else in Reading would use to bring a foreign spouse or fiancé(e) over to Pennsylvania.

American spends 51 days in detention before being deported

When someone is picked up in Lancaster County and held for a suspected immigration violation, it may be for some of the most minor of offenses. Someone could be pulled over for speeding and arrested for driving without a license. For that, he or she could be detained for a considerable amount of time before finally being released or, worse, deported. All of this for driving without a driver's license.

How will legislators increase number of highly skilled workers?

It is no surprise that there is currently a push for more highly skilled immigrants in Pennsylvania and across the country. We have talked about how difficult it is for graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to remain in the country after graduation, even if they have just the skills and education needed to drive the American economy forward. There are also a number of businesses who are getting together to advocate for an increase in the number of visas for highly skilled workers, but where will those visas come from?

Immigration reform would help entire Pennsylvania families thrive

Most Lancaster County residents probably know at least one person who wasn't born in the United States -- but they may not even realize that fact, especially if the acquaintance immigrated at a very young age. 

Immigration reform to pose limits on path to citizenship

One of the biggest parts of the immigration reform that has been in talks for quite some time is the move to grant permanent residency and citizenship to individuals who entered the country without the legal permission to do so. Anyone who has been following immigration news in Lancaster County knows that a group of eight senators, four from both parties, have been working to create an immigration bill that would provide tremendous reform to the immigration system. The bill that they have been crafting is set to be unveiled soon, but immigration advocates are disappointed about one of the provisions.