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January 2014 Archives

Court rules individuals with mental health can be a social group

While Congress continues to debate the benefits of the immigration program and some people talk about whether we should allow anyone into the country, there is one undeniably positive part of the American immigration system: asylum. Granting individuals asylum provides protection from persecution and torture; it gives them a safe place to live their lives. There are many people in Lancaster who have come to the United States as asylum seekers and refugees, but first they had to go through the rigorous process of applying for asylum.

Four more countries added to H-2A, H-2B visa programs

Many companies in the United States rely on employment visa programs to get foreign workers into the country to work in temporary positions. Employment-based visas can be complicated and many employers have become frustrated with the process and how many countries the U.S. allows to be in the visa programs.

Bieber may be a superstar in the US, but he is still Canadian

It may have escaped many of our adult readers' attention that Justin Bieber, the 19-year-old pop star from Ontario, has recently been arrested for driving under the influence and drag racing, but it hasn't gone unnoticed by teenagers. While Bieber is not wildly popular among most adults in Lancaster, his legal troubles should be, if only for the fact that any more legal attention and he could be facing deportation.

Over half of immigrants in detention have no criminal convictions

Most people in Lancaster County know that when someone is arrested and convicted of a crime, they can be sentenced to jail or prison. If the offender is not a citizen, however, he or she may face deportation, even if he or she was not sentenced to prison. In fact, an immigrant can be stopped for speeding or driving while intoxicated and, if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement decides to pursue the matter, the immigrant could be faced with removal proceedings. While it is debatable as to whether that is appropriate, it is not just immigrants who have been convicted of crimes that are detained and awaiting deportation.

Man waiting on green card can practice law in California

In many ways, a victory for an individual struggling through the U.S. immigration system is a victory for all immigrants fighting a similar battle. With that in mind, Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the recent decision by California's Supreme Court to allow a man waiting on a green card to practice law in that state.