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Immigration Detention Archives

Heated immigration detention situation brewing in another state

Far west of Pennsylvania, a lawsuit has been filed against a regional jail. The reason for the lawsuit involves a complicated immigration detention situation. Plaintiffs assert that jail officials are in violation of a 1987 state law.

Deportation situation causes upheaval of controversy

Many Pennsylvania immigrants may know someone currently facing a very stressful situation over immigration status. Approximately 200 immigrants were recently arrested and detained for possible deportation to Iraq. Some say the massive sweep was intended to force the hands of several other countries to take back nationals who were ordered to leave the United States.

When deportation fears are part of daily life

Perhaps you or another immigrant you know in Pennsylvania gets nervous any time a police officer is nearby. Maybe you jump whenever there's an unexpected knock on your door. For many who have emigrated to the United States from other lands, this type of anxiety is often prompted by constant fear of deportation.

Immigrants may soon be released from detention facilities

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson announced on July 13 that the release of women and children from immigrant detention centers in Pennsylvania and Texas was set to begin. The agency has come under fire from Democratic legislators, attorneys and immigration advocates over conditions at the three centers. The number of detainees in the centers swelled in 2014 when thousands of women and children were detained after being apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. The families had entered the United States after fleeing dangerous conditions in Central America.

DHS addressing detention policy for immigrant families

As immigrant families in many states wonder about how public policies will be handled by the federal government in the near future, the Obama administration has moved to ease conditions for those who are still being detained after the 2014 surge across the U.S.-Mexico border. The crisis involved the influx of high numbers of individuals seeking asylum. Detention facilities in Pennsylvania and other states were opened to house those flooding into the country. However, activists and officials have expressed concern because the conditions in such facilities are often viewed as unsafe.

Immigrants with poor legal counsel can appeal deportation

Immigrants in Pennsylvania who are facing deportation sometimes are forced to rely on inadequate legal counsel. When an attorney commits a clerical error or mishandles a case, defendants could be denied the right to prove why they should be allowed to remain in the country. In many cases, people do not find out that their immigration case was mishandled until the deadline to appeal the deportation decision has already passed.

Policy toward immigrant family detention may change

Pennsylvania is the location of one of the detention centers for women and children found crossing the border illegally into the United States, but the government may be moving away from its policy of detaining these immigrants. Increasingly, attention has been shed on poor conditions at detention centers by politicians, religious leaders and the press, and in May, a group of House Democrats called on the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama administration to end the practice.

Supreme Court rules immigrants have right to bail hearings

When an undocumented immigrant is charged with a felony in Connecticut, courts cannot use the individual's immigration status as the sole reason to deny bail. On June 1, the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to reconsider a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit that had held that denying bail to undocumented immigrants who had been charged with certain felonies was unconstitutional. The appeals court ruling had dealt with a constitutional amendment in Arizona that was passed in 2006.

The deportation of naturalized citizens due to criminal activity

Pennsylvania residents who have become naturalized citizens of the United States may wonder if a subsequent criminal conviction could lead to deportation proceedings being initiated against them. While this would not happen if the crime in question was committed after they were naturalized, they could be deported if illegal activity that occurred prior to their naturalization is uncovered during a criminal investigation.

Criminal cases and immigration consequences

If you are facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania, you should be aware that certain pleas or convictions in criminal cases may expose you to deportation and removal proceedings. Even if you are a lawful permanent resident, conviction for some crimes may result in the government's taking action to rescind your green card.

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