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Considerations for dual citizenship

Immigrants who are living in Pennsylvania and who would like to become naturalized American citizens while retaining citizenship in their home countries should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of dual citizenship. One of those disadvantages is the possibility of double taxation. The United States taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, but it does have tax treaties with some countries that provide some relief from this issue.

Understanding denaturalization

There may be residents in Pennsylvania interested in learning more about how the government has the power to revoke their U.S. citizenship. The process is officially referred to as denaturalization, and anyone subjected to this may also be deported from the country. However, anyone considered to be a naturally born citizen may not have their citizenship revoked without their consent. Naturally born citizens must choose to renounce their citizenship to the United States by their own free will.

Protecting immigrants from common scams

Immigrants living in Pennsylvania may benefit from learning more about some of the common scams that may be prevalent in the state, as described by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The USCIS claims that the executive action announced by President Obama on Nov. 20 may lead to an increase in the number of scams targeting immigrants in the present day and near future.

Military service members may qualify for U.S. citizenship

Immigrants in Pennsylvania who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces may qualify for U.S. citizenship. When a military service member qualifies for this type of naturalization, the usual requirements can be waived or abridged in their case.

How people who are seeking U.S. citizenship can avoid scams

While the pathway to U.S. citizenship may be a lengthy and somewhat difficult process, it can become even more complicated for immigrants in Pennsylvania and throughout the country who fall prey to several common scams that claim to make the process easier and quicker. Such offers from the radio, websites and newspaper advertisements, for example, may appear tempting, but they are illegal and can actually do more harm than good.

Learning about dual citizenship

Certain immigrants to Pennsylvania may wish to acquire the benefits of American citizenship but may still wish to keep their citizenship to their homeland. For these individuals, they may approach the citizenship process with the goal of becoming a dual citizen. If granted dual citizenship, these individuals will have the legal rights and responsibilities associated with being a citizen of both countries.

Rupert Murdoch calls for a pathway to citizenship

Anyone who reads our blog knows that we follow the push for immigration reform quite closely. Unfortunately, not much has happened with immigration recently, as the House of Representatives refuses to take the issue up. Sadly, there are some who believe that immigration reform just won't happen in the final two years of the Obama administration after House Majority Leader Eric Canton's loss in his primary election. As someone who supported immigration reform, albeit halfheartedly, many conservatives are now scared to touch the issue.

Veteran tries to become US citizen, deported back to Jamaica

There are some people out there who think that the only people who are deported are the ones that deserve it. The people who get deported are the ones who have caused some kind of disturbance or who have broken the law. What many people may not realize, however, is that some of the people who are facing deportation proceedings are there because of a single old mistake.

Pennsylvania's Latinos are a large segment of the state's economy

It is not entirely surprising that many people think of Latinos when immigration reform is discussed. Of course, Latinos are not the only group of people who are interested and deeply vested in updating U.S. immigration laws, but with 40 percent of the city of Lancaster being Latino, they are some of the most visible parts of our community. And, according to the president of the Spanish American Civic Association, the Latino community has been an important driving force in the Lancaster and Pennsylvania economies.

Pennsylvania joins states debating driver's license bills

Did you know that immigrants in Lancaster County who are outside of the immigration system cannot get driver's licenses? Exchange students, immigrants who have moved here for work and immigrants rejoining family members can all get driver's licenses if they apply and pass the tests, but immigrants without visas cannot, at least not now. The state has joined a handful of other states, however, that would allow these immigrants to apply for driving privileges.

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