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Are regional work visas an option for the future?

When an immigrant moves to Reading to work, he or she does so because the company he or she is working for is located nearby. If, however, that immigrant marries an American citizen and switches to a family based visa, he or she could move anywhere in the United States. Though employment-based visas are not specifically linked to location, they are linked to an employer. So, if an employer only has one location, an immigrant must stay largely in the same place until he or she can naturalize.

Four more countries added to H-2A, H-2B visa programs

Many companies in the United States rely on employment visa programs to get foreign workers into the country to work in temporary positions. Employment-based visas can be complicated and many employers have become frustrated with the process and how many countries the U.S. allows to be in the visa programs.

Man waiting on green card can practice law in California

In many ways, a victory for an individual struggling through the U.S. immigration system is a victory for all immigrants fighting a similar battle. With that in mind, Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the recent decision by California's Supreme Court to allow a man waiting on a green card to practice law in that state.

Concerns raised over EB-5 immigration visas

As any regular reader of this blog knows, there are two very different types of immigration categories: family based immigration and employment-based immigration. While most of the employment-based visas require an immigrant to have a job offer lined up prior to applying for a visa, this is not always mandatory. One visa, the EB-5, allows wealthy investors to commit a certain amount of money to creating a business in the U.S. in exchange for a visa. And, since it is a permanent residency visa, these investors will be given green cards and, should they want it, citizenship.

Company waits 15 months for immigrant to get a work permit

If a Reading employer had an open position on his or her team, how long do you think he or she would wait to fill it? Business priorities are likely to force someone to fill an open position after a few months and employers can't wait too long for the perfect candidate to join the team. Unfortunately, when a company wants to hire an immigrant, it can sometimes take much longer to get a non-U.S. citizen with specialized talent into a role.

Increasing number of immigrants means more manufacturing jobs

Harrisburg residents may think the title of this blog has an error and that it should read "increasing number of immigrants means fewer manufacturing jobs," but the title is correct, at least according to a new study. The Partnership for a New American Economy and the Americas Society/Council of the Americas recently released a report that says that immigrants moving to an area can help the American economy. More importantly, they can save and create jobs.

Employment-based immigrants can now move with same-sex spouses

There are an incredible number of people living in Lancaster who are in varying stages of immigration. From those people who moved here to reunite with family members to those who moved here from work, the immigration system has generally allowed those people who were married to move together. Until the federal government recognized same-sex marriages as valid, however, only opposite-sex spouses could immigrate together. If a same-sex couple wanted to immigrate, both of them would need to get jobs and employment-based immigration visas for the same area. There was no guarantee that both would be approved and they could not apply together, meaning many families had to live apart from each other for extended periods of time.

Varying opinions on employment, immigration shape national debate

When a non-American wants to work in the United States, his or her employer must sponsor him or her. What this usually means is that the employee has a set of highly specialized skills that the employer needs, and that the employer has been unable to find an American with the same skills. Although this seems fair to many people, there are some who question whether employers are actually looking for Americans or if they are merely giving immigrants the upper hand when it comes to jobs. This is just one of the many facets of the employment-based immigration debate that is raging in Congress.

Mark Zuckerberg and others take a stand on immigration

When we talked about the problems immigration law was causing for young, hard-working entrepreneurs in February, we mentioned that other countries were stepping in to take the highly-skilled and innovative immigrants that were denied permanent residency in the U.S. It was more than just the media, however, that took note of the fact that many bright immigrants are denied employment-based visas. Now, Mark Zuckerberg and several other business owners are taking a stand on immigration.

Pennsylvania's immigrants account for large growth of homeownership

One of the things that many people in Lancaster County may not think about when immigrants move to the community is where those immigrants will live. Yes, there may be neighborhoods and towns that have higher populations of employment-based immigrants, but do they live in apartments, houses or both? Do they rent their homes or do they own them? A recent study has found that immigrants are a major section of homeowners in Pennsylvania.

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