Our Lancaster Lawyers Handle Employment-Based Immigration


At Mattes & Mahon, PC, in Pennsylvania, we assist small to mid-size businesses and individuals seek employment-based or business visas with a broad range of knowledge in the area. Growing work forces require specialized talent that might not be available in the U.S., and we help our clients navigate their way through a complex labor certification system.

Our immigration lawyers provide each client the personalized service he or she needs. Immigration visa applications are not as simple as filling out a form. Discerning which visa application is best for qualifying the workers our clients seek can be a complicated process. Workers and businesses must meet stringent requirements to establish eligibility for visas. We focus on accomplishing the needs and goals of our clients through a variety of options, and we apply the strategy that works for their specific situation.

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Optimizing Talent and Techniques

We understand that there is a lot at stake in hiring foreign workers. For the sake of employers, the workers, and workers’ families, it is critical that the right visa application is completed and filed without error.

Many of our clients discover that nonimmigrant employment visas are the right key for most recruiting needs. Later, once the workers have been employed for a period of time, they can apply through adjustment of status, the immigrant worker petition process, or consular processing to obtain a “green card” (permanent residency). We also help clients proceed toward naturalization and citizenship, if that is their goal.

We help our clients find the right solutions to complicated visa issues, and we ensure that every measure of efficiency and effectiveness is achieved through the Department of Labor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Examples of the visa and nonimmigrant issues we handle include:

  • B visa: B-1 visas for nonimmigrant business travelers
  • H visa: H-1B visas for professional workers in specialty occupations
  • J visa: J-1 and J-2 visas for exchange visitors
  • L visa: L1-A and L1-B visas for intracompany transferees
  • E visa: treaty traders and treaty investors
  • O visa: O-1A, O-1B, and O-2 visas for extraordinary ability or internationally recognition in science, education, business, and athletics
  • P visa: P-1, P-1S, and P-3 visas for athletes, artists, entertainers, and support staff
  • R visa: religious workers, including clergy, ministers, religious professionals, and other religious workers
  • TN visa: professional trade visas for Canadian and Mexican workers under NAFTA

And, permanent residency visas, including:

  • EB-1 visa: priority workers with extraordinary ability, including professors, researchers, executives, managers, and athletes — not required to obtain labor certification
  • EB-2 visa: advanced degree professionals and professionals with extraordinary abilities in sciences, arts, or business
  • EB-3 visa: skilled workers filling positions for which qualified U.S. workers are not available
  • EB-4 visa: special immigrants and religious workers, including broadcasters, physicians, armed forces members, international organization employees, and others

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