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At the Lancaster firm of Mattes & Mahon, PC, our attorneys work with businesses that are seeking H-1B visas for foreign recruits. H-1B visas permit U.S. employers to provide temporary positions to graduate-level foreign professionals in certain professions for up to six years. These types of visas are typically sought by those in the engineering, information technology, finance, accounting, science, medicine and other specialty industries.

The process of securing an H-1B visa can be complicated, which is why skilled legal guidance is essential. Contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with our immigration lawyers.

Foreign Worker Qualifications

In order to be eligible for an H-1B visa, a foreign worker must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university in the specialty occupation. If the degree is from an institution from outside the U.S., it must be at least educationally equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

It is possible for a foreign worker to still qualify for an H-1B visa through work experience or through work coupled with an associate’s degree. In general, three years of specialized experience is considered to be equivalent to one year of college education.

Employer Requirements

Employers are responsible for applying for H-1B visas, not the workers themselves. Employers must show that the position for which they are hiring requires a bachelor’s degree or higher, that the job is so complex that it can only be done by someone with a degree or equivalent work experience and that the employer would require a degree for a U.S. citizen applying for a similar position.

Once a visa has been approved, the only requirement is that the foreign worker continues to work for the sponsoring employer for the duration of the visa.

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