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February 2013 Archives

DHS saves money by putting immigrants on supervised release

When the federal Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office detain immigrants, many people in Ephrata likely think of dangerous criminals who need to be locked up to protect the community. In reality, a lot of the people who are detained by ICE have either done nothing wrong or something as minor as speeding. Just because they are in the country without the requisite permission means they are often locked up for months awaiting a deportation hearing before being unceremoniously returned to the country from which they came or, in more fortunate cases, being awarded a green card.

Are US immigration laws pushing new entrepreneurs out?

With a long list of amazing universities in Pennsylvania, there are an increasing number of foreign-born students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics coming to the state each year. As these young scientists graduate from doctoral programs, many with inventions and skills that could easily create jobs in Pennsylvania, they face an uncertain future in the United States. Why? because American immigration law does not have an easy path to permanent residency or citizenship for young, independent entrepreneurs.

Pennsylvanians push for immigration reform

People across Pennsylvania are making their concerns about immigration heard as they prepare for a campaign to reform the immigration system. There were approximately two dozen organizations featured at a joint press conference earlier in the month in which they explained the need for appropriate immigration reforms.

Marine induction is also a naturalization ceremony for 10

Being inducted into any branch of the military is a special experience and one that many families in York have been through. It is a time for parents to be proud and children to celebrate their accomplishments and dedication to the United States. For 10 new Marines, their induction was doubly special when they also took the Oath of Allegiance and became American citizens.