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October 2013 Archives

Don't forget your bride or groom on your wedding day

Imagine this: you have fallen in love with a man or a woman who lives outside of the United States. You have somehow managed to make your long-distance relationship work and now you want to propose, but have you thought through the logistics of the wedding and the marriage? If you are both going to be living in the United States, how is he or she going to get to Reading? What if he or she can't get a tourist visa because it is pretty obvious to consular officials that he or she doesn't plan on returning to his or her home country?

When Americans are held in immigration detention

Many people in Lancaster County know that there are people held in immigration detention centers for allegedly violating immigration laws. Many of these people will eventually face deportation proceedings and could be removed from the country. Though they may be returning to the countries of their citizenship, they may be leaving their familes, all of their friends and nearly everything in their lives behind.

Years apart: spouses wait for green cards

We have previously talked about how the U.S. immigration system allows for American citizens to sponsor their spouses for immigration visas, but just because two people are married doesn't mean that they will always be able to be together. Take, for example, the case of a couple who had to wait for quite a while before the husband was able to get a green card and join his wife in the United States. For them, the immigration system kept their family apart for two long years.

How does the government shutdown impact immigration?

It is likely that some individuals residing in the state of Pennsylvania are feeling the effects of the government shutdown. The shutdown impacts programs and services involving a variety of areas, including immigration. Those who have immigration matters that need to be worked through may be wondering if, and how, the shutdown will affect their issue. The answer to that question depends on the nature of the matter that is to be resolved.

Media portrays asylum seekers as liars

Imagine fleeing your home country afraid that if you don't get out, you will be killed. You are targeted because of something that you really can't change or shouldn't have to change, like your political beliefs, your membership in a specific social group or your sexual orientation. Imagine finally getting out and finding your way to Lancaster. You even make it through the difficult asylum process and are given a green card. You are living happily in a safe, new home, but you notice that your neighbors and community members are suspicious of you. Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that many asylum seekers experience when trying to settle in the United States.