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November 2014 Archives

New changes to immigration policy could affect millions

Immigrants in Pennsylvania may stand to benefit from some recent changes that have been made to the United States immigration policy. On Nov. 20, President Barack Obama announced an executive order that will reportedly protect 4.9 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. Foreigners interested in employment-based immigration may also benefit from provisions in the executive action.

How does a U.S. citizen's spouse become naturalized?

The spouse of a U.S. citizen who lives in Pennsylvania may be qualified for naturalization under the Immigration and Nationality Act. There are, however, several eligibility requirements that have to be met for this to occur. To be qualified to become a U.S. citizen, the spouse of an American citizen has to be at least 18 years old and lived within Pennsylvania for a minimum of three years before applying for naturalization. The residence in which the spouse has lived during the previous three years as a permanent resident must be a continuous residence, and the spouse has to live continuously in the country from the time of application until the date of naturalization.

Fighting against deportation

Many immigrants in Pennsylvania might be concerned about the possibility that they may one day face deportation proceedings. Immigration officials changed their approach toward deportation in 2011, and the closest scrutiny is now reserved for those who have committed serious crimes or are suspected of being involved in terrorist activity. However, immigrants who do not fall into these categories often still face deportation over matters such as violating the terms of a visa or overstaying a visa.

What are the basic steps in the naturalization process?

Those in Pennsylvania who are expecting apply for citizenship may not know what to expect in the process of becoming a naturalized American citizen. There are several steps one must take in order to complete the action.