How Bail Bond Hearings Work


If a friend or loved one has been detained in the York County Prison ICE detention facility, you may be able to secure a monetary bail that would allow that person to be released. Some federal crimes require that the detainee remain in detention, but an experienced immigration lawyer should be consulted immediately to evaluate your particular situation.

At Mattes & Mahon, PC, we make regular visits to the York County Prison on behalf of our clients and on behalf of other attorneys with clients being held in the detention center. We have the necessary experience and extensive knowledge of the court system to work with immigration court judges to negotiate reasonable bail terms in York.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will work with you to apply for relief from removal or deportation, and we will work toward detention center release for your best possible outcome. Our tactful Pennsylvania attorneys provide flexible payment plans and flat fees to provide you with valuable legal expertise at affordable rates.

Personal Representation at Immigration Bail Bond Hearings

We work with people from across the country and speak directly with all of our clients and their families before we enter a bond hearing at the immigration court. Once a detained client has been released from the York County Prison, he or she could be sent anywhere in the country, depending on where his or her family lives.

We provide high-quality representation to our clients no matter where they are in the country. We also work with clients of other attorneys who need the response and care of an immigration attorney who has quick access to the York County Prison. Our location makes our services readily available to a broad range of clients.

Our York and Lancaster bail bond hearing attorneys can negotiate for favorable bonds, and save you time and money.

Contact Our York Immigration Court Attorneys

We work directly with each of our clients. We respect his or her best interests and those of his or her loved ones. Contact us today at 800-574-5563 to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.