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Guiding You Through Family-Based Immigration

We love our work because we are able to make great positive impacts on people’s lives every day. There are several fulfilling aspects of our entire practice, but it is hard to match the joy we see in our clients’ eyes when they are reunited with a family member from overseas, when fiancé(e)s obtain their U.S. visas, or when we are able to keep families together by succeeding in a deportation defense.

Our Lancaster family-based immigration attorneys help people obtain residency visas for loved ones under a variety of circumstances. We help them meet the complex requirements of the law, and we work to guide them through the process that can achieve their goals comfortably and efficiently.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our Pennsylvania attorneys help people throughout the world, and we also help clients with visa processing overseas (consular processing) with affordable rates and flexible payment plans.

Immigration Services to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Family

U.S. citizens and permanent residents (“green card” holders) may sponsor and petition for immediate relative, family members, and fiancé(e)s to obtain visa entry in to the U.S. However, sometimes employment-based immigration can solve the issues of a family-based immigration problem. We help our clients determine the best solution for their particular situation.

With an experienced lawyer, you have options that can be pursued with efficiency and effectiveness. Our attorneys help you meet crucial deadlines, file all petitions and applications properly, and ensure that your loved ones are protected through the process.

We help clients considering family-based immigration assistance in the several situations, including:

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We work directly with our clients and work to solve their issues efficiently with compassion. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your goals and keep your family together. Call 800-574-5563.