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Pennsylvania's immigrants account for large growth of homeownership

One of the things that many people in Lancaster County may not think about when immigrants move to the community is where those immigrants will live. Yes, there may be neighborhoods and towns that have higher populations of employment-based immigrants, but do they live in apartments, houses or both? Do they rent their homes or do they own them? A recent study has found that immigrants are a major section of homeowners in Pennsylvania.

Between 200 and 2010, immigrants in Pennsylvania were a large cause of growth in homeownership within the state. And, because it is more likely that it is those immigrants who have moved for a job will have the money to purchase homes, employment-based immigrants are much more likely to be driving up the homeownership statistics than other groups of immigrants.

The study also found that many immigrants are likely to rent initially, but once they have become more settled and saved up the money for a home, they are likely to buy. Across the country, immigrants make up 39 percent of the net growth of homeowners, but that number is expected to drop slightly in the next ten years, down to 36 percent.

Immigrant demand for housing is doing a lot to keep the housing market and related fields buoyed throughout this fiscal crisis. As more immigrants move to Pennsylvania and as more of them settle into places like Lancaster County, they will be more likely to purchase a home.

While employment-based immigration may seem like it is relatively easy, especially when companies handle much of the necessary paperwork, it is always important to discuss concerns with an immigration attorney. Trying to figure problems out without legal help could have disastrous consequences.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Immigrants Buoy the Housing Market," Miriam Jordan, March 6, 2013

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