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The final step in the naturalization process in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2015 | Citizenship, Firm News |

The final step for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen is the naturalization ceremony. The ceremony is intended for two purposes. It is both designed to celebrate the new citizens of the United States as well as to secure their allegiance to the country through a required oath.

Many people who want to become naturalized have questions about what the naturalization ceremony involves. People must first pass the required civics and language exams or secure the appropriate waivers for the even. Then they must attend their scheduled interview.

After the interview, people will either be able to attend a ceremony the same day or they will receive a notice in the mail detailing when it is scheduled. If a person is unable to attend the ceremony, they must explain in writing why the date does not work, and they will be granted a new appointment. Two failures to attend may result in a denial of the application. Upon arrival, each person must turn in his or her permanent residence card. They will then be checked in and admitted to the ceremony. During the event, they will need to take an oath swearing their allegiance to the country. They will then each receive a certificate of citizenship, which they may use to apply for a passport.

The naturalization ceremony is the final step when a person works to become a U.S. citizen. People who wish to become a citizen may want to talk with an immigration and naturalization attorney. An attorney may be able to help complete and submit the application for citizenship, make certain all of the required documents are in order, and help his or her clients prepare for the required exams, interview and ceremony.


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