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Man’s deportation left family struggling to survive

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Many Pennsylvania immigrants are currently facing serious legal problems. Some have been threatened with deportation and are worried they may never see their families again. This how a family in another state felt when the father and husband, a U.S. military veteran, was placed in an immigration detention center for 18 months without possibility of bond.

The army veteran was deported to his country of origin. His wife was left to hold down three separate jobs while trying to put food on her table and keep up with bills, all the while likely worrying day and night whether she’d ever see her husband again. The couple’s daughter reportedly suffered severe emotional trauma due to the situation from which she has still not fully recovered.

The good news is that the man was able to fight his cause from abroad and was recently reunited with his family in the United States. It is possible to halt the deportation process sometimes; typically, the more experienced legal representation an immigrant has, the higher his or her chances may be of avoiding removal. If an immigrant does get deported, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she will never be able to re-enter the United States; however, the process may be quite daunting and complicated.

A good place to start when facing worrisome deportation issues in Pennsylvania is to reach out for support from an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney. An attorney well-versed in U.S. immigration law can thoroughly review an individual case and determine how best to proceed in the hope of obtaining as positive of results as possible. It is also quite helpful to have an attorney by one’s side in court, especially when a language barrier exists.

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