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Possible ways to avoid deportation

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

It’s understandable that an immigrant and his or her family would feel intimidated if immigration officials take the individual into custody for a removal investigation.  Any number of immigration issues can result in deportation proceedings. Those facing these issues in Pennsylvania typically benefit by seeking the help of an attorney experienced in this complicated area of the law.

Although it’s difficult to stay calm in such circumstances, those facing such problems can remain hopeful because there are often several options available for seeking relief. It’s critical that a detained immigrant be well aware of his or her rights and also where to seek support to increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome. Ultimate discretion to decide a deportation case lies with the immigration judge.  

Discretionary relief may be granted if an immigrant can prove to a judge that he or she is eligible for relief and has not done anything to make him or herself undeserving of such relief. If certain conditions apply, an immigrant may request that a removal order be cancelled. If the judge grants the request, his or her legal status would change from deportable to admitted as a lawful permanent resident.  

Some Pennsylvania immigrants have avoided deportation by gaining asylum. There are specific forms to file and time limitations that must be satisfied in order to prove one’s eligibility as a refugee. An experienced immigration law attorney can provide guidance and support to anyone seeking asylum or wanting to access some other option to try to avoid removal. 

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