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Alternative solutions for avoiding removal from the U.S.

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Deportation Defense |

Many Pennsylvania residents have faced deportation and the fear of having to leave the United States. Reasons such as expired visas and criminal arrests lead to detention and possible expulsion from the country. Removal rules are complex and challenging to overcome.

Many immigrants hope desperately for relief which falls within two categories: discretionary and administrative/judicial relief. These options reverse the removal process and extend the immigrant’s stay in the U.S. Failing these options leaves little choice except return to their native country.

During the discretionary relief model, immigration judges have a broad scope to grant or deny relief. In cases where the immigrant might have a criminal offense but demonstrates strength of character and family dependence, the judge can rule in favor of the defendant remaining in the United States.

Steps that avoid removal from the U.S.

Multiple waivers would assist in avoiding removal from the United States. The 601Waiver could deter deportation. Integrity, business, and family commitments strengthen these waivers. The following is a brief list of avoidances that will help thwart deportation:

  • Cancellation of Removal: individual’s status is adjusted from “deportable” to “lawfully admitted for permanent residence.
  • Asylum: Fear of persecution from native country based on religion, societal beliefs, or political opinions.
  • Adjustment of Status: Move from non-immigrant to permanent U.S. resident.
  • Voluntary Departure: Immigrant leaves the U.S. voluntarily.
  • Administrative/Judicial Relief: Request to overturn previous removal judgments.

Dealing with deportation removal orders

There aren’t any set rules for deportation orders. Each state handles the request according to its legislature. Cases can escalate to federal courts but mainly states judges decide these cases.

It’s essential to have all your documentation ready to go before a judge. Missteps could delay or result in unfavorable rulings. Understanding crimes and penalties will best help you avoid removal from the United States.


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