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What are investor visas?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Visas |

In the U.S., a category of visa exists specifically for foreign individuals or businesses who wish to invest in the United States. This can help to create jobs and wealth, which is a clear reason to encourage such investments and thus the necessary visas.

Depending on the nature of the investment a person wishes to make, they may hold eligibility for some types of investor visas but not others. It is important to understand all types to make a decision on what to apply for.

L-1 work visa

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services discuss the numerous investor visas available to individuals. First, the L-1 work visa. This regards human capital rather than monetary capital. For example, it lets a manager or executor at a foreign company work for or with U.S.-based affiliate companies. It is best if the company has existed for at least several years and has a tax return trail to examine.

E-2 visa

Next, E-2 visas focus on the applicant’s plans for their business. People can put forward business plans or plans to purchase future businesses in order to qualify here.

EB-5 program

The EB-5 program allows for entrepreneurs already in the United States to remain in the country. Applicants need to show how their continued presence will generate jobs and economic growth. With an approved visa, they can only work for the startup company that they applied with.

The laws pertaining to visas constantly change. Thus, it is important for investors to always keep a leg up on the competition by understanding what they need to get the necessary visa.


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