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Facts about paying your immigration bond

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Immigration News |

Details matter when you are trying to pay for a person to get out of jail.

Make an appointment at the local ICE office and have everything ready before you come.

1. Pay the entire bond in full

If the court decides to release you in exchange for bond money, someone must pay the full amount of the bond right then. You cannot pay part of it on one day and the rest of it on another day. Talk to the local office about the possibility of collateral.

2. Have the correct form of payment

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security only accepts two forms of payment: cashier’s check or postal money order. According to ICE documents, the York office where you can pay the bond is at

3400 Concord Road

York, PA 17402

Their phone number is 717-840-7771.

3. Bring documentation to prove who you are

The person paying the bond must have:

  • legal residence in the United States
  • two forms of identification (driver’s license and insurance card or credit card)
  • their original social security card
  • proof of a permanent address (utility bill or home insurance)

The person who pays must also know the defendant’s:

  • name
  • alien number (A-number)
  • date of birth
  • permanent address where they plan to live

If you live far away from the person who is in jail, you can pay for their bond. You will need to contact the ICE office close to where you live. Make sure you have all of the information above. When ICE receives the payment, they will contact the jail where your loved one stays and will release them.


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