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What are the negative impacts of deportation?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Deportation Defense |

Deportation can happen to many different immigrants for a variety of reasons. Because of the omnipresence of this threat, many immigrants feel like they can never truly relax.

On top of that, deportation does have many known negative impacts. Just what are they?

The devastating separation of families

Community Psychology discusses some of the hardest-hitting impacts of deportation.

First, the separation of families is often devastating and traumatic for those involved. A family structure can end up crushed overnight if parents end up deported without their children. Finding a suitable caregiver and combating the economic hardships that follow put significant weight on anyone. Older siblings have to grow up too fast. Behavioral changes may also occur due to the trauma.

Returning to dangerous situations

Second, deportation can force people into dangerous situations. Many countries have difficult problems such as high rates of kidnapping, rape, torture or murder. Ending up in these scary situations again makes it difficult for a person to live a fruitful life or keep in contact with their family still in the U.S.

Increasing community fear

Third, deportation risk will always increase the level of fear in a community. Raids and deportations break up communities and foster distrust and even hatred between communities and public institutions. Attendance in schools and churches, as well as participation in social services or cultural activities, may decline as a result of this lack of trust.

Figuring out potential deportation alternatives may lead to the alleviation of some of these issues, and it is something that could save a lot of heartache in the future for immigrant families.


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