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What offenses could cause deportation?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Deportation Defense |

Before earning citizenship in the U.S., you must meet specific conditions and complete various procedures. The entire process examines tedious details of your life in the country. Unfortunately, you might encounter setbacks if you have specific criminal offenses on your record.

If you receive a conviction for a criminal offense, the court could enforce a judicial deportation order. However, it could only apply to specific types of crimes. Additionally, the violation must meet certain conditions that could make you deportable based on the law.

A judicial deportation order could be applicable if you commit the following offenses:

  • Violations of moral turpitude: If the individual received a conviction of an offense of moral turpitude within five years of arriving in the country, the judge could order deportation. However, they could only do so if the convicted also received a confinement sentence of at least a year.
  • Multiple convictions: Having more than one criminal conviction could make you deportable. Still, the violations should meet specific qualities to make them valid.
  • Aggravated felonies: Committing an aggravated felony could cause deportation immediately. These offenses could include severe crimes, including murder, substance trafficking, money laundering, theft and smuggling.

However, recent law updates could modify which crimes could be qualified for deportation. You could better understand what offenses could lead to deportation by seeking sound legal advice.

Other reasons for deportation

Aside from committing crimes, other actions could make you deportable. If your visa or green card expires, authorities might deport you for not renewing it. They could also cut your stay short if you lie during the application process. This type of deception could also affect your chances of getting citizenship.

Entering and staying in the country come with strict rules and countless paperwork. Failing to comply could increase your chances of facing deportation.


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