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Christmas present from the ICE

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2012 | Family Immigration, Firm News |

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced a change in its policy under the new “national detainer guidance.” In terms of the focus of who will be subject to removal, or deportation, the agency will now focus primarily upon serious criminal offenders.

In fact, the agency is restricted from detaining individuals who are not dangerous, such as those who have been arrested only on minor misdemeanor offenses. Such minor offenses would include traffic violations, such as those for when an undocumented immigrant is cited for driving without a license.

A mother of two United States citizens was slated for deportation just two days after Christmas, which would be on Thursday of this week. Her offense? She was stopped back in 2010 for driving without license. Since then she had been on the ICE’s radar, and her case had led to the removal order which would have meant that this would be the last Christmas she would spend with her family in the U.S.

On the Thursday before Christmas a protest was held at her Senator’s office to support her cause for being allowed to stay in America. Then, last Saturday she heard the wonderful news that she will be allowed to stay here for one more year once she files for a stay of removal, something she is expected to do today.

This early Christmas gift for this mother obviously changed this family’s holiday from one of anxious anticipation, to one full of joy.

Other undocumented immigrants in Pennsylvania may similarly be allowed to stay in the U.S. despite a deportation order, depending upon the circumstances of their individual case.

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