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Increasing number of immigrants means more manufacturing jobs

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2013 | Employment Immigration, Firm News |

Harrisburg residents may think the title of this blog has an error and that it should read “increasing number of immigrants means fewer manufacturing jobs,” but the title is correct, at least according to a new study. The Partnership for a New American Economy and the Americas Society/Council of the Americas recently released a report that says that immigrants moving to an area can help the American economy. More importantly, they can save and create jobs.

According to the director of the Partnership for a New American Economy, 46 manufacturing jobs are created or preserved for every 1,000 immigrants living in an area. Those areas with fewer immigrants tend to have a harder job keeping manufacturing jobs. Perhaps these statistics will encourage more employment-based immigrants to move to Harrisburg.

One of the reasons why so many manufacturing jobs are preserved is because with a source of domestic labor (whether foreign-born or native-born) businesses do not need to ship jobs overseas. Many of the positions that do get sent abroad are positions for which there are insufficient numbers of people in the U.S. who want or are qualified to do the work. If immigrants can help to fill some of those gaps, it will keep other jobs here, too.

Many businesses and industries recognize the great impact that employment-based immigrants can have on the country’s economy, and some of them are lobbying for immigration reform. Whether it is to increase guest-worker programs or facilitating the visa process to keep highly skilled workers in the country, this new report indicates that more immigrants will help to drive economic success.

Source: CBS News, “Can immigration speed the economic recover?” John Moore, Alain Sherter, Sept. 12, 2013


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