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May 2014 Archives

Young man applies for asylum after previously being jailed

There isn't technology available yet that can police our thoughts, but that doesn't prevent many governments around the world from jailing, torturing or killing people because of what they believe. Because of his political opinions (or perceived political opinions), a 17-year-old Egyptian boy spent a week in jail. Now, he is in the United States and has applied for asylum in an effort to prevent being sent back to Egypt and, possibly, jail.

Man discovers he isn't a US citizen 49 years after he arrives

In general, most of us in Lancaster County believe we can trust the military. Maybe we don't agree with everything it does or says, but it is usually fairly honest. So, if a commanding officer told a soldier that he or she had just become a U.S. citizen, why would he or she have any reason not to believe the officer?

Ugandan activist waits in limbo for asylum decision

While it might not always be apparent, there are people who have applied for asylum in Dauphin County. These people are fleeing home countries in which they would be persecuted or tortured for their religious or political beliefs, race, nationality, or because they are part of a particular social group. They are seeking protection in the U.S. and, however reluctantly, establishing a new life.

Locking up, deporting the victims of crimes?

Try to imagine being trafficked into this country. It is frightening and depressing to even consider, but their are men, women and children who are brought to this country and to Lancaster County by less-than-legal means each year. There is no denying that these people are victims of crimes, so why would the federal government even consider locking them up?

Veteran tries to become US citizen, deported back to Jamaica

There are some people out there who think that the only people who are deported are the ones that deserve it. The people who get deported are the ones who have caused some kind of disturbance or who have broken the law. What many people may not realize, however, is that some of the people who are facing deportation proceedings are there because of a single old mistake.

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