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When deportation fears are part of daily life

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Perhaps you or another immigrant you know in Pennsylvania gets nervous any time a police officer is nearby. Maybe you jump whenever there’s an unexpected knock on your door. For many who have emigrated to the United States from other lands, this type of anxiety is often prompted by constant fear of deportation.

Whether documented or undocumented, many immigrants worry that getting pulled over in a traffic stop, running into a clerical error or other problem on a tax form, or any number of other typically minor situations, may result in family separations and a forced return to their countries of origin. Building a new life in America is a joyful and exciting, yet frightening and challenging experience for most immigrants. For those who face particular language challenges or are living and working in this state or another without documentation, daily life can become quite stressful.

In recent years, many horror stories have circulated regarding abject conditions in several immigration detainment centers across the nation. Some say many of these facilities are filthy, while others have reported that medical care and other urgent needs of detainees have gone unmet. In fact, one widely publicized situation involved mothers who threatened a hunger strike rather than continue to allow themselves and their children to live in what they called very abusive environments.

There are often viable options and clear answers to problems related to deportation. It might just be a matter of obtaining appropriate guidance. A Pennsylvania immigration and naturalization attorney is one of the best advocates an immigrant facing deportation issues can have. It often takes nothing more than a single phone call to an experienced attorney to begin the process of rectifying a problematic situation.


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