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Deportation situation causes upheaval of controversy

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Many Pennsylvania immigrants may know someone currently facing a very stressful situation over immigration status. Approximately 200 immigrants were recently arrested and detained for possible deportation to Iraq. Some say the massive sweep was intended to force the hands of several other countries to take back nationals who were ordered to leave the United States.

Most of those arrested reportedly have serious criminal records. Crimes include kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking and other violent offenses. Close to 1,500 Iraqi nationals were ordered to be deported since March, but the government says only eight of those people have actually been removed from the United States.

Many of those recently arrested subscribe to tenets of the Catholic faith. They say the live in fear that if they are sent back to Iraq they will be killed. An immigration advocate said it is quite disturbing that the U.S. government cannot guarantee their safety but still has every intent to deport people whose immediate demise is expected once they return to their original homeland in Iraq.

Many Pennsylvania immigrants live in fear of deportation. Some describe suffering anxiety anytime they see a person wearing a law enforcement uniform or hear a knock on their door. An immigration and naturalization law attorney is often able to assist those facing deportation issues. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding a particular matter may request a meeting with an experienced attorney to seek clarification of U.S. immigration law and guidance as to how best to address an individual situation.

Source: New York Post, “US arrests nearly 200 Iraqi immigrants in massive deportation sweep“, June 15, 2017


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