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This man says his deportation shouldn’t have happened

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act protects the legal status of many immigrants in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. One young man, age 23, is involved in a controversial situation regarding his deportation. He says it was completely unwarranted and left him with no choice but to re-enter the country illegally to try to resolve the issue.

The man says he was initially picked up on Feb. 18 by a border patrol officer riding a bicycle who supposedly made him  walk into Mexico. Immigration officials say the initial deportation alleged by the man never happened. They also say he was only arrested on Feb. 19 when he tried to sneak into the United States without valid papers, and that when he left the country the first time, he did so of his own accord.

Government officials also say that as a DACA recipient, he should have sought approval for his planned exit from and return to the country. A federal judge has ordered that permission be granted for the man to return to the United States to challenge his deportation.  U.S. Border Patrol has indicated it has no record of an encounter with the man in question.

Many Pennsylvania residents will be among those who follow this deportation case closely. If a person is facing a similar problem regarding his or her DACA status or whether it’s permissible to leave the United States and then return, a consultation can be scheduled with an experienced immigration attorney. Rectifying a problem situation is often easier with a personal advocate by one’s side.

Source: Fox News, “Immigrant who says he was wrongfully deported could be brought back to US for trial“, Kaitlyn Schallhorn, Aug. 23, 2017


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