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Woman learns of father’s deportation while she’s at work

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

A woman in another state was at work early one morning when her daughter called to give her some awful news. Pennsylvania immigrants may feel especially empathetic for the woman as some may currently be experiencing similar situations. In this case, the woman’s daughter had called to inform her that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were at her home for deportation reasons.

The woman’s father was reportedly being taken away from the house in handcuffs. This upset the woman so much she asked a co-worker to drive her home to see if she could help. Her efforts were not timely enough it seems. By the time she arrived, her father was being led away by immigration officers.

Since that time, the woman has worked to advocate on behalf of all immigrant families in her area. A hotline system has been set up where people can call in when they witness immigration authorities arresting someone, or when officers show up at their homes looking for particular people. The volunteer advocacy group will even send witnesses to the scene so they can observe immigration arrests taking place.

The volunteers also make themselves available to support families after the deportation process is activated. One can only imagine how terrifying it would be to be going about one’s workplace duties one moment and getting torn apart from a beloved family member (perhaps forever) the next. When such problems arise, it’s good to know where to turn for help in a pinch; that’s why many Pennsylvania immigrants carry contact information for experienced immigration and naturalization law attorneys in their pockets.

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