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Deportation worries continue to rise throughout the nation

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Many immigrants in Pennsylvania say they are living in fear that they will be taken into custody by immigration officers, simply because of their countries of origin. Some say the current presidential administration has a lot to do with the apparent increase in potential deportation arrests. Families throughout the state and nation have come forward to report that their loved ones have been placed in handcuffs and led away while simply going about their daily lives.

No one really knows where or when immigration officials will show up and start making arrests. Typically, they tend to avoid sensitive locations, such as worship buildings or schools. An immigrant may no doubt become very frightened if separated from family members and placed in detention without knowing whether he or she will later be released or forced to leave the United States.

Some immigrants are facing serious legal status problems even after living in the United States for decades. Recent changes in U.S. immigration law have made matters worse for many Pennsylvania immigrant families. A key factor to overcoming obstacles related to temporary or permanent residency is to arm oneself with as much information as possible regarding current regulations and civil rights.

An experienced Pennsylvania immigration and naturalization law attorney can be a great asset to those navigating the deportation process. The Law Office of Troy J. Mattes, P.C., is fully prepared to go to bat on behalf of any immigrant trying to obtain permission to stay in the United States. Acting alongside experienced representation typically increases the chances of securing a positive outcome in court.


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