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Business owner in another state facing possible deportation

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Pennsylvania immigrants currently concerned about their legal statuses may want to closely follow a case in another state. A 33-year-old man who came to the United States some 14 years ago was recently arrested by immigration officers at a Greyhound bus station. The man was not doing anything wrong at the time, merely awaiting the departure of his bus, so he could travel to visit a friend. He now sits in an immigration detention facility, at risk for deportation.

This particular immigrant is a business owner and a former volunteer firefighter in this country. He has no criminal record and has been living and working in another state for more than a decade. His initial entrance to the United States was made with a crewman’s visa.

Officials say they arrested the man because he is undocumented. In fact, the visa he had expired at some point although no information was provided to explain why he did not obtain an adjustment of status. Such situations are not uncommon, and many people are later found to have sought appropriate renewals of their visas but experienced delays due to clerical errors or other issues.

A Facebook page has been launched in support of the business owner currently facing possible deportation. Like the man in this particular situation, many Pennsylvania immigrants also own businesses. Some, too, may be worried about their legal statuses due to problems associated with their original visas. An experienced immigration law attorney can provide guidance and assist any immigrant seeking solutions to visa-related problems or other immigration issues.

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