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Attention: Pennsylvania families facing asylum problems

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Asylum, Firm News |

It’s no secret that debates continue throughout the United States regarding U.S. immigration laws. These laws are complex and often change, leaving many Pennsylvania immigrants and their families frustrated, confused and worried that they may suffer negative consequences due to legal status problems. Family separations at U.S. borders has been a top issue in news headlines as of late. Some parents have understandably said they’d rather give up their requests for asylum than be kept from the children.

President Donald Trump recently issued an executive order that states that parents seeking asylum at U.S. borders are no longer subject to being housed in immigration detention centers apart from their children. The problem, however, is that there are already more than 2,000 children being held in immigration facilities throughout the nation without their parents. A civil rights attorney recently spoke to reporters, saying it is morally wrong that parents should have to consider giving up their asylum cases in the hope of expediting the process of being reunited with their children.

A man from Honduras says his 6-year-old daughter was taken from him when he crossed a U.S. border without required paperwork. He also said he and dozens of others were told they can have their children back if they agree in writing to voluntary deportation. The Honduran man said he signed a similar order out of desperation but is now in great need of legal support because he is terrified to return to his country of origin.

In light of recent events, public outcry continues in its demand for immigration law reform. One attorney expressed outrage at the situation, saying the Honduran man and others are being forced into voluntary deportation under duress. Pennsylvania families who have members facing deportation or asylum problems may consult with experienced U.S. immigration law attorneys to explore possible options for rectifying their situations.


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