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Immigration detention center under investigation

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Many families in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are currently worried about loved ones whose immigration legal statuses have been called into question. Other families in the nation can relate to the fear and high stress levels that often accompany such situations. Immigration detention centers can be scary places and allegedly dangerous as well, as a recent tragedy shows. A mother has lost a child, and so far, no one has given her concrete answers as to the cause of her child’s death.

The situation happened in another state, sparking an official investigation. Attorneys are offering support to a woman whose toddler-age child died just after being released from the facility. There seems to be evidence to suggest that substandard sanitation and neglect are causal factors in the child’s death. It would definitely not be the first time such claims have been made after an immigrant has died during or shortly after detainment.

The facility where the child resided is located in Texas. It houses women and children only and has the capacity to hold approximately 2,400 people although there are currently only about 1,500. The Immigration Customs and Enforcement field director who spoke to reporters about the recent fatality adamantly stated that conditions at the detention center are up to par.

Immigration detention often leads to deportation. In fact, sometimes, parents are deported before they have been reunited with their children. An experienced Pennsylvania immigration and naturalization law attorney can provide counsel and support to any parent in need of status assistance in this state.


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