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Employment-based immigration boosts US economy

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Employment Immigration, Firm News |

Many Pennsylvania businesses are owned by people who emigrated from other countries. Employment-based immigration allows thousands of foreign nationals to obtain visas that allow them to enter the United States for the purpose of living and working here. Many of them bring their dreams of owning their own business along with them as well.

The National Foundation for American Policy stated that at least 55 percent of all billion dollar companies throughout the nation were founded by at least one immigrant. More than half of that percentage includes businesses based on the West Coast. Some people may be surprised to learn that companies with which they are quite familiar were started by immigrants.

For instance, the popular ride-sharing company, Uber, was launched by an individual who emigrated from Canada. Many immigrant-owned businesses are started by entrepreneurs who first arrived in Pennsylvania or other states as international students. In fact, the majority of immigrant founders came to the U.S. as refugees or sponsored by a family member or an employer.

Employment-based immigration has many prerequisites. A person seeking to come to Pennsylvania or another state to start a business must first satisfy all eligibility requirements in order to qualify for application. If, at any time during the process, a legal problem arises, the person in question may reach out to an experienced immigration law attorney for support. This type of support often means the difference between moving forward with a business plan and facing serious obstacles that may include threat of removal.


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