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Woman at custody hearing winds up in immigration detention

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Firm News, Immigration Detention |

Many Pennsylvania residents are currently trying to resolve child custody issues with former spouses. Some of them may also happen to be immigrants. Sometimes, family law and U.S. immigration issues intersect, as reportedly happened a woman who lives in another state. She went from a courthouse to an immigration detention center in a matter of hours.

She and her ex husband disagree about where their 14-year-old daughter should go to school. The mother thinks it is best if her daughter continues going to school in the state where she currently goes to school. Her father, who recently relocated, wants the court to rule that his daughter should go to school in his new resident state. The mother recently attended a hearing regarding the matter and was shocked when Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers showed up and placed her under arrest.

The woman’s current husband was greatly dismayed when he received a text informing him of his wife’s arrest. She entered the United States legally and was trying to resolve a problem issue regarding an expired visa. An attorney acting on her behalf said it is an outrage that ICE officials would enter a courthouse to target an immigrant for arrest.

The woman is no longer in immigration detention, at least for now. She was released and reunited with her family. However, she is apparently concerned that her ex husband may have had something to do with her information being given to ICE officials because he has allegedly threatened to report her in the past. Any Pennsylvania resident experiencing similar status problems can reach out for legal support at any time.


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