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Employment immigration: What are the best jobs for immigrants?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Employment Immigration, Firm News |

In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, approximately 17 percent of the workforce is comprised of immigrants. Any worker, immigrant or not, typically encounters challenges when starting a new job. Immigrants, however, might struggle with certain employment immigration issues that non-immigrants don’t usually have to worry about, such as language barriers. Many also have to endure a lengthy application process to gain entry to the United States to begin their new careers.

There are numerous jobs that often appeal to immigrants. Many choose to pursue the business industry as a means of seeking employment. However, it is best to learn to speak English fluently when considering this path.

Those who have strong math skills may want to think about becoming market researchers. Most employers in this field would expect applicants to have a college degree. The service industry often has ample employment opportunities available for immigrants, as well. Jobs in this category include hairstylists, restaurant workers, hotel employees and more. While service jobs tend to provide lower incomes than computer software, engineering or marketing work, many people are still able to carve out successful livings to support themselves and their families.

Any immigrant arriving in Pennsylvania to work and live will want to make sure all applicable employment immigration paperwork is in good order. A prospective employer is obligated to verify the employment eligibility and identity of all prospective employees before they can work in the United States. If a legal problem arises, the worker in question can seek guidance and support from an experienced immigration law attorney.


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