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The citizenship process: Things to know in order to prepare

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Citizenship, Firm News |

Arriving in Pennsylvania after emigrating from another country can be both exciting and stressful. If navigating the citizenship process is part of your ultimate plan, you will be going through extensive preparation. The more you know about what to expect and, also, where to seek legal support, if needed, the better able you might be to accomplish your immigration goals.

Becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen involves a lot more than filling out an application. That is merely a first step in a long series of events that will, at some point, include an official interview and several tests. Anyone planning on pursuing citizenship will want to first become fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.

You must show proficiency in such tasks before you are granted citizenship. In addition to language mastery, your test will also no doubt include questions about U.S. history and basic facts regarding how the federal government operates. It is definitely not a test that you are likely to pass if you never study for it.

Any number of legal issues might arise as you work your way through the citizenship process. An experienced U.S. immigration law attorney is a great resource for guidance and support. The Law Office of Troy J. Mattes, P.C., in Pennsylvania, can help you avoid errors on your N-400 form, and can remain on hand to help you overcome any legal obstacles that arise as you fulfill all necessary tasks to become a legalized citizen of the United States.


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