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Are you ready for your naturalization tests and interview?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Family Immigration |

Going through the naturalization process to become a citizen of the United States isn’t easy. There is a lot of paperwork that you have to submit and certain criteria that you have to meet.

Additionally, if you qualify for everything else, you will have to go through an interview conducted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There will also be tests that you have to complete in order to transition from a lawful permanent resident to a naturalized citizen.

If you have found yourself wishing for the rights and privileges of the United States citizen, naturalization might be in your future. Are you ready for the test and interview process?

What happens during the interview?

The interview performed by USCIS is meant to validate the intentions of those applying for naturalization. The interviewer will ask you, in English, about the details of your application and your personal background. Believe it or not, the entire interview typically takes less than a half-hour to complete. The interview, in part, is to confirm your ability to understand and speak English.

What will you need to know in order to pass the tests?

Those hoping to become naturalized citizens will need to prove that they are passably fluent in English and that they have an understanding of the United States government and the rights and obligations of United States citizens by completing a test.

Part of the English test happens during your interview. You will also need to write a sentence aloud to show reading proficiency. You will also need to write a sentence to show you can write. The content of the test will focus on Civics.

You will need to complete a Civics test that has 10 questions from a list of 100 possible questions to show that you understand how the government functions in the United States and your role as a potential new citizen. You only need to get six of the questions right to pass the test.

Although these tests can seem intimidating, don’t let them put you off from pursuing your citizenship. The USCIS and many other organizations provide study guides that can help you prepare for your interview and tests.



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