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Immigration FAQ: Questions immigrants ask in 2020

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Family Immigration |

If you’re considering immigration to the United States, doing as much preparation as possible can only help you. Immigration is a complex topic and often looks different from one case to the next. You likely have many questions, and answering them can help you get the process started. With that in mind, here are a number of frequently asked questions:

  1. Why do immigrants come to the U.S.?
    There are numerous reasons, from seeking a better job to furthering one’s education. Many also want to leave persecution or economic struggles in other countries and feel they will have more opportunities in the U.S.
  2. Is immigration growing more common?
    As a global trend, yes, immigration is more common now than it was for previous generations. Much of that has to do with better transportation options, which make the world feel smaller and mean that the decision to move across the world isn’t necessarily something that means a person can never move back.
  3. Can families immigrate together?
    Yes, keeping families together is one of the main ways that immigration works. For instance, someone who has already moved to the United States may then be able to help their family immigrate to be reunited. Many families also come together initially.
  4. Do immigrants have to be citizens?
    They do not have to become citizens. Some immigrants come on visas for a short time, some get green cards for an extended stay and others decide to become citizens. It’s all a process.
  5. What challenges do immigrants face?
    The immigration process can be complicated and confusing. The act of moving a family to another country can be expensive. Assimilating into a new culture can also be challenging.

If you’re interested in immigration for any reason — moving your family, furthering your career, going to school, escaping persecution, etc. — it’s critical that you know how the process works and what steps to take. It can also be helpful to partner with an experienced legal team.


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