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Examining the many ways immigrants are good for America

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Immigration News |

Immigration is fundamental to the United States, which would not exist as a country without it. The first settlers were just immigrants under the British crown. Even after the U.S. gained its independence, immigrants flooded in from Europe, Asia, and many other parts of the world. This continues today. 

It’s impossible to tell the story of America without immigrants. They contribute greatly to the country. Let’s take a look at the many ways they positively benefit the U.S. as a whole. 

The numerous benefits immigrants bring

There are benefits in every area: Culture, economic growth, national security, etc. Here are just a few to consider: 

  • In some industries, nearly 33% of the workers are immigrants.
  • Immigrants and their children tend to be upwardly-mobile, creating positive long-term change.
  • Immigrants help fill economic gaps, taking jobs that native-born workers are not qualified for or are not likely to take.
  • Immigrants bring cultural diversity to the United States, helping the country make gains in art, religion, cultural celebrations, diverse food choices and countless other areas.
  • There are more than half a million immigrant veterans and around 40,000 active military members.
  • Immigrants bring with them perspectives, education, technical skills, ideas, and other influences that all help to shape the culture.

It’s very clear that immigration continues to impact the United States on many levels. This is why it’s so crucial for those seeking to come to the United States to know what legal options they have and what steps they need to take. Everyone has a chance to contribute and to make America what she will become in the future.


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