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What are the advantages of becoming a citizen?

| Apr 24, 2021 | Citizenship |

Have you ever asked someone why they want to become a citizen of the United States? Maybe you’ve wondered why yourself. A lot of people will say something about simply wanting to live in America and start a life there.

That’s a fine reason, but you can live in the U.S. if you have a green card. or the right visa. What other advantages are there if you decide to take that next step and become a citizen of the United States?

6 major benefits

You could make a massive list of potential benefits, and everyone has a unique situation that may influence how they look at things. However, there are six major benefits that apply to most people, which are as follows:

  1. American citizens cannot be deported, so you no longer have to worry about it.
  2. If you have minor children, they too get citizenship when you do.
  3. You can apply for all jobs, even those with the government that require citizenship to qualify.
  4. You can travel whenever you want, with no restrictions, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally violating a visa restriction.
  5. Citizens are allowed to help bring other family members to the United States.
  6. You get access to more public benefits and you are given the right to vote.

At the end of the day, you have to make the decision that is right for you and your family. But it’s clear that becoming a citizen can give you more options than remaining here on a green card or a visa. Just be sure you know what legal steps to take.


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