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5 mistakes to avoid in immigration paperwork

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Citizenship |

For most, the United States immigration process can be a complex, frustrating experience. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes on their immigration paperwork that can lead to delays or rejections from the USCIS.

There are countless reasons a family could face challenges during the immigration process, but here are five common mistakes that must be avoided while completing and submitting paperwork:

  • Providing incorrect or intentionally false information on the application paperwork: All applications must be filled out completely and accurately. Even if you worry that your answer could reflect negatively on you, it is better to be honest than untruthful.
  • Submitting incomplete paperwork or documentation: It is important that you make sure that you have left no questions unanswered and provided every piece of supporting documentation that is required. Submitting incomplete paperwork can lead to unnecessary delays in your process.
  • Failing to provide proper translations of any required foreign documentation: If the USCIS requires supporting documentation from you, such as a birth certificate from another country, it is important that you submit a translation of the document accompanied by a statement by the interpreter.
  • Failing to meet eligibility requirements: Well before you begin compiling documentation and filling out applications, you must thoroughly understand the eligibility requirements of the benefit you are seeking.
  • Submitting outdated, incorrect or incomplete forms: The immigration process is constantly changing with paperwork being refined on a regular basis. It is wise to make sure you are filling out the most up to date and accurate paperwork possible. Submitting the wrong paperwork can lead to a delay or rejection of your application.

The immigration process can be complicated with countless types of supporting documentation and numerous crucial deadlines. It is wise to work with an experienced immigration attorney who can help you from start to finish.


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