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Common grounds for deportation

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Deportation Defense |

For many people, getting an opportunity to work or study in America is the culmination of a life-long dream. The day they receive their visa and begin to take steps towards becoming an American citizen may be the most monumental day of their life. This is why it is important to understand what might be considered grounds for deportation.

  1. When an immigrant enters America, they are most likely on a visa that has certain conditions attached to it. For example, tourists and students may not be allowed to work. If an immigrant violates these rules, then he or she would be liable for deportation.
  2. Certain criminal convictions can result in deportation. This could include bringing someone into the country illegally, using fraudulent documents, committing domestic violence or other crimes of moral turpitude. Domestic courts do not classify crimes as those who that aggravate moral turpitude. What might be considered a misdemeanor in one state might be considered a deportable crime on the federal level.
  3. Using falsified documents to get into the country and failing to register documents with the relevant authorities in a timely manner can result in an immigrant’s deportation.

Obeying not only the country’s laws but also applicable immigration laws is key to remaining in America legally. Those who want to understand the conditions of their visa or take steps to protect their immigration states may want to consult an experienced attorney.


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