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Filing an expedited request with USCIS

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Citizenship |

Those in Pennsylvania who have an immigration matter may be able to request expedited processing. Normally, the immigration process is known for being slow. However, there are reasons that could get USCIS to address your issue more quickly. They may not always grant your request to expedite matters.

USCIS can move more quickly

Everyone wants the government to move faster, but USCIS will not expedite every request. Instead, you must show a compelling reason why the agency should move more quickly. Usually, these requests fall into two categories. The first is to prevent a severe financial loss to a person or a company. The second is to deal with a humanitarian matter or an emergency. There may also be U.S. government interests that require USCIS to rush matters.

Be prepared to provide evidence

The important thing is to have evidence to back up the request for expediting. For example, if you are claiming financial damage, you should explain how it would cause financial loss and the exact damage. The government may come back and ask for more information about the claims of an emergency. Given the backlog and caseload that USCIS has to deal with, they will take a critical eye towards expedited requests. Even if USCIS agrees to consider a request on an expedited basis, it does not mean that they will approve it. Instead, it just means that they will move quicker.

The immigration process can be confusing and very technical. Applications must contain no mistakes. Even still, USCIS could raise issues that could get in the way of your request. This is why you need an attorney with experience in immigration law. Your lawyer could help with your applications and prepare you to answer USCIS’s questions as they are asked of you.


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