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Deportation and the current status for undocumented individuals

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Deportation Defense |

In Pennsylvania and the rest of the country, there are many immigration laws, and the entire subject can get tricky as these laws change from time to time. Immigration consequences and appeals are common areas of law for undocumented individuals who are affected by changes in the rules for deportation.

Changes to current deportation laws

The Homeland Security Secretary said that the changes affect how officers detain or deport undocumented individuals in the country. The rule refocuses on deportation of undocumented individuals who are suspects of serious crimes, so all border agency officials should focus on those who are a danger to public safety. The new guidelines affect any undocumented individuals crossing the Mexico border after Nov. 1, 2020.

Who do the new deportation rules protect?

Starting Nov. 29, ICE agents can’t arrest or deport undocumented individuals who are contributing members of society, which includes farmworkers, health workers and faith leaders. ICE can’t deport undocumented individuals who have their status revealed by employers yet have not committed major crimes. The Biden Administration reportedly wants to focus on giving undocumented contributors of society a path to citizenship.

Difference between deportation 2020 and 2021

Under the Trump Administration, ICE was arresting and deporting every undocumented individual. Title 42 began taking away people’s right to seek asylum in the U.S. in March 20, 2020. The new guidelines that take effect this year may spare most of the undocumented individuals whom ICE would arrest.

Title 42 is still in effect, barring entry based on asylum. However, the new guidelines are expanding the path for citizenship and protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation.


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