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The various types of investor visas issues by United States

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Employment Immigration |

The U.S. creates a visa category for people and businesses seeking to invest in the United States. The policy justification here is clear, the government wants to encourage foreign businesses to create jobs and wealth in the United States by investing here.

There are various investor visas each with their own criteria. You may be eligible for one type of visa and ineligible for another, depending on the nature of the investment you’re seeking to make.

Here are the types of investor visas.

L-1 work visa

This pertains to investments in human capital, rather than monetary capital. The L-1 allows an executive or manager at a foreign company to work at a U.S.-based affiliate. Although not required from a legal standpoint, it’s beneficial if the company is well-established, having been in an existence for a few years with multiple tax returns.

The E-2 visa

While the L-1 is interested in the applicant’s managerial history and current position, the E-2 is interested in the applicant’s business plans going forward. If you want to qualify for an E-2, you must present a business plan or a plan to purchase a business.

The EB-5 immigrant investor to program

The EB-5 allows entrepreneurs already present in the U.S. to remain in the country. The applicant must demonstrate how their presence will create jobs and economic growth. If their Visa is approved, they are only able to work for the start-up company in question.

Immigration law is one of the most challenging legal specialties. The law is constantly evolving and is inordinately influenced by political change; keeping abreast with the latest developments is a challenge, even for lawyers.

This being said, it’s critical to obtain the help of an experienced immigration lawyer when applying for any kind of Visa. They understand how to structure your application and identify the necessary evidence, increasing the likelihood of approval.

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