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Can you help your sibling come to live in the United States?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Family Immigration |

Living in a different country than your family can be quite hard. Although communication technology helps, a screen is no replacement for being able to hug your loved ones. Immigration can allow your family an opportunity to reunite. As someone already living in the United States, you are in a position to help your family come here as well.

There are numerous different immigration programs that can help people with family in other countries. When you first enter the United States with a work visa, for example, you can often apply to bring your spouse and children with you. If you get engaged to someone from another country, there is also a special visa for that.

Different relationships and immigration situations lead to different family immigration opportunities. Your bond with your siblings may be strong despite the distance between you. Your brother or sister could be one of the closest and longest relationships you have in your life. When can potentially help your sibling enter the United States?

Only citizens are in a position to help their siblings immigrate

Although there are many visa programs that can help family members, only citizens of the United States have the opportunity to sponsor a sibling. If you aren’t already a citizen, you will have to go through naturalization if you want to help your brother or sister come to live in the United States.

Even as a citizen, it could take several years to help your sibling enter the country. Sibling applications are the lowest priority level in the family preference visa program. You may have to apply multiple times before your sibling is one of the lucky recipients of a limited number of family preference visas.

Getting professional help can increase your chances of success

When trying to compete for one of a limited number of visas, any little mistake could impact your chances of success. Although people do fill out immigration and visa applications for themselves, the average person could easily make a mistake with that process. Professional help will make it easier for you to avoid minor mistakes and meet all of the requirements for the family preferences.

Learning about family-based immigration options can help you reconnect with your family living abroad.


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